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Avant Consulting Group can design and deliver a series of modules related to inclusive leadership (e.g., microaggressions, implicit bias, social identity mapping). Our interactive and engaging workshops are grounded in self-awareness and self-discovery.

Inclusive Leadership Development 
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The Avant Consulting Group provides dynamic, passionate, and inspiring keynote speakers. The content and presentation can be tailored to match the theme, time, and specific audiences for banquets, conferences, and programs.


The Avant Consulting Group contracts with leaders in higher education as well as community organizers invested in organizational change management. Our consultants are qualified to assist your organization and leaders to be more inclusive through coaching, process reviews, and program reviews. Consultations can assist your organization with integrating diversity and inclusion initiatives into teaching (e.g., curricular development), recruitment, the culture (e.g., bias assessments), and service to promote and maintain inclusive environments. Our consultants can review your reappointment and criteria guidelines, new hire training programs, search committees, curriculum, and services offered for marginalized groups to create and promote an inclusive environment.

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