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Addressing Implicit Bias

This module is designed to deepen the attendees’ capacity to identify personal bias and ways to respond more effectively. Participants will discover their own biases through riddles, images, and eye-opening activities. 

Communication Strategies to Reduce Stereotype Threat

This module is designed to increase awareness of cultural stereotypes, the impact of cultural stereotypes, and reduce the influence of stereotypes on decision-making. Through interactive group activities, individuals will explore the myth of meritocracy, myth of positive stereotypes, and harm of stereotypes.

Microaggressions in the Workplace

This module is designed to allow attendees to define and articulate the harm of microaggressions. Participants will explore common microaggressions, hidden messages in microaggressions, and ways to interrupt microaggressions. Participants will also increase empathy by engaging in perspective taking. Participants will listen to their peers describe their experiences with microaggressions.

Developing Personal Awareness: Social Identities, Intersectionality, Dominance, and Privilege Explored

This module is designed to allow attendees to explore their identities. Attendees will engage in social identity mapping and explore common characteristics associated with their identities. Dominant and marginalized identities are explored to mitigate marginalizing others.

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